Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ensworth Belize Day 7

Today, we started off the day at the school with our community projects such as painting, sorting the library, teaching classes, and building swings.

We then took a break and played with all of our friends. After the break, we continued with our projects. At lunchtime, we had lunch with four local leaders. We ate, asked them questions, and discussed both of our schools.

Next, we had a couple of challenges to complete that had to do with teamwork skills. For example, we all had to cross a jump rope without making it stop. We then passed out ice cream to all of the standard five (7th grade) kids. The ice cream tasted really good after a long day of working in the sun.

At the end of the day, we all had to say our hard goodbyes. We gave hugs to each other and took pictures together.

When we finally got onto the bus, we drove to a store called The Art Box. We bought some fun souvenirs for our families and enjoyed some cold drinks at the café.

We then headed back to the Tropical Education Center for the day. It was storming, which felt really nice after being sweaty and hot all day. We ended the day with some very good pizza and blueberry cake.

-Nell and Brooke