Monday, June 6, 2016

Ensworth Belize Day 6

Today was the first day we got to interact with the younger students in the Infant I class. We played games, did activities, and got to know them better. We reviewed the alphabets and read to them.We finished organizing the library by the author’s last name and noticed a lot of our books we read as kids.

After one rotation of work we had a break to play with the kids again.  We fixed the swing set during our second rotation and the kids were very happy about that.

We played games with the kids after fixing the swings and working in the library.  One of the games we played was charades; we learned that they loved to have fun with acting.

After lunch we taught the kids how to “Dab” (if you don’t know what that means please ask any American child).  We left afterwards to go to the caves to tube!!!

Fernando, our tour guide was very excited to show us the caves. As a group we went swimming in the clear blue water. Once again we attempted to catch a fish.  Sam failed…  All 12 of us had our tubes connected as one big raft. Fernando led us into the cave and it was very exciting.  Inside the cave were many stalagmites that made interesting formations.

On our way out we saw many birds and fish. Before we left we had one last chance to swim. Sam finally caught a fish!!! (It’s about time). At the end of the day we all felt very relaxed because of the cool water and the nice breeze. We have only one more night at the TEC then we are on our way to Tobacco Caye!

- Sam and Hayden