Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ensworth Belize Day 5

Today we went on a hike to explore St. Herman’s Cave, to the Blue Hole, and took a night tour of the Belize Zoo.

 On our hike to the cave, Juan said that people who trained for military ate termites so some of us got the chance to try some and they tasted like carrots.

 From there, we had lunch and went to the Blue Hole.  While at the Blue Hole, we swam and saw fish so we attempted to catch some with Ziploc Bags and we caught a total of……… zero.  The water was very chilly but it felt good after being in the sun.  

After we left, we came back for a little free time and dinner.  We headed to the zoo where we had a night tour of all the nocturnal animals from Belize.  We saw snakes, a tapir, many types of cats (Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, and others), different types of birds, and much more.  

We loved today because we got to play in the cool water while it was hot and got to see so many amazing animals. We can’t wait to see the kids again at St. Matthew’s tomorrow!

-Caroline and Sam