Friday, June 3, 2016

Ensworth Belize Day 3

On our second full day in Belize, we visited St. Mathew's School again. We rotated through working at different stations doing community service around the school. One group worked on painting  bathrooms, while other groups worked on organizing the library books in the library.  

We had a delicious lunch of chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, and plantains. It was from a local restaurant down the street. A few St. Mathew's kids came up and talked to us. 

Near the end of lunch, the St. Mathew's kids took long pieces of grass and tickled us. The kids especially loved tickling Caroline. 

During the afternoon break, the kids approached us wanting to play again. 

The kids loved playing with a blue tarp. They would pull kids in the tarp around the courtyard. Chloe went over to the kids to take a photo of them, but ended up being pulled around too.

After the school day, we went on a walk to try some fresh coconuts. We walked through the neighborhoods and saw the houses firsthand. We even saw one of our friends from St. Mathew's sitting on the porch of her house. We passed a traveler's palm, which we learned was a sign to travelers meaning they could stay at that house. 

While we were posing in front of the traveler's palm, our WLS leaders (Carlos and Juan) decided to take a selfie. We love our leaders!

When we arrived we got to try fresh coconuts. We could drink the juice and eat the meat of the coconut right under the coconut tree. The farm also had mango trees, banana trees, and mountain apple trees. 

Today we really appreciated the friendly and enthusiastic kids at St. Mathew's. We also enjoyed being able to see the local neighborhoods in person. We look forward to our day tomorrow!

-Chloe and Hayden