Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ensworth Belize Day 2

Today we started off waking up early and headed to breakfast.  We then got on the bus to go to St. Matthews School.  We were all so excited to meet all the kids.  We were greeted with an assembly where the whole school sang their national anthem for us.  We sang our national anthem too.  We got to know all of our friends’ names by passing a ball and saying our name.  

Then, when the little kids had their break, we played games with them like soccer, baseball, and jump rope.  

When one particular class came out, all of the girls swarmed Chloe. 

After the break, we started our projects including organizing the library, painting the bathroom walls, and coming up with ideas for games to play with the little kids next week.  

We then had a talk with the people we were working with about how our countries were alike and different.  

After that, we got to play a game with them where we had to figure out a path to get from one side to the other.  Mr. Reveal then had a project for us and our St. Matthews friends where we had to figure out a cost effective water filtration system.  We then had to say goodbye for the day and head back to the Tropical Education Center.  

We really appreciated how all of the people at the school were so kind and welcoming.  The food was also really good!  Our trip is off to a great start!

                                                                -Caroline and Nell